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Server Status Checker

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About Server Status Checker

Server  status checks whether the status  of a website is online or offline. All the process is required is  the domain should be  entered and also with the sub domain .

This tool will play a huge role in checking various issues associated with the  website and 100 sites have to be put up in the board and rectifications can be made here itself.
Let us look at some meaning’s of a few server status :-

  1. 400- This stands for whether  the number is a  bad request or not  
  2. 401- This number stands for access unauthorized.
  3. 404- This means the error message is on the right track.
  4. 410- This error is very similar to the  404 error.
  5. 302- It means that the server has found a redirection which is temporary .This temporary URL should be used again.
  6. 301-  This gives a new indication that  your website’s address has moved to a address which is new and all sub domains and domains should be towards redirection to the location which is new.
  7. 403- This means that any new content will not be shown by the server unless there is authenticity for that content to be accessed.
  8. 200- It shows that your website’s status is good and the requested  Url  is being returned by the server.
  9. 500- This is a server related error  and the website owner,web developer and the customer who is visiting the site will get frustrated and this should be rectified as earliest as possible.